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The condition of housing. If we add different kind of "raider attacks", which I use often recovered in the rights of spouses, otsidevshie their share of the estate, the result seems not very bright. Carefully check not only the condition of the utility bills, but also the presence of consent to the sale of all, having the right to housing. Regardless of whether you wish to buy, sell, rent or lease real estate, the main role is played by the type of housing. Sometimes in the flat face two owners: real and "documentary".


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If you can't decide what exactly you need accommodations, then you should compile a list of the most important points and details that you consider to be paramount. Not to mention how profitable and attractive is investment in real estate in this region. Quite often in my practice, I meet with customers questions about how to buy and sell apartment without risk. What benefits can we learn when buying a property in Turkey? The main reason people buy housing in this country is the desire to invest with a view for resale when the price will rise. Usually all these articles boil down to the fact that the right to sell the apartment itself is very difficult and risky.